Friday, 21 March 2008


The weather has been a bit more sunny today, but very windy; and I laughed when my father-in-law told me that it wouldn't seem to bad once I was out in it. He was right though.

The climb up to Winter Hill with a strong head wind was a bit tough, but the drop back to Maidenhead riverside with a strong tail wind across Widbrook common was much more fun. So much so that I decided to carry on to Bray. Just beyond Maidenhead bridge I stumbled on the little Guards Club park. The park was created in 1977, on a site that had been a recreational club for guards based at Windsor. This pretty little footbridge leads to an island in the river. It seems the bridge is open in the summer, but closed at this time of the year for the sake of swans nesting on the island.

By the time I left Bray, light rain had started, and the wind fallen a bit. On the whole it was a pretty good outing. It was long enough to bump my Eddington number up to 12, but not far enough to bring the week's total mileage up to scratch. So unfortunately that makes two weeks in a row when I have fallen short of my goal. With a long weekend, and hopes of better weather, perhaps I will do better next week.

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