Thursday, 13 May 2010

Day-5: Loch Awe & Crinan

There's no escaping the reality that today has involved hour after hour of slogging through driving rain against a steady head wind - not exactly ideal weather.

I mostly followed Sustrans route NCR 78. This runs down the west side of Loch Awe, past the prehistoric monuments at Kilmartin, then along the Crinan Canal. South of Ardrishaig the Sustrans route takes a long loop round Kilberry, but I couldn't face another three hours of rain in my face, so I missed that bit out, and headed straight down the A83 to tonight's stop just beyond Tarbert.

From Loch Ederline the route is fairly flat, but along Loch Awe it is another roller-coaster. I can imagine this part of NCR 78 being a delight for anyone on top form, and riding the right bike to handle the hills. However it was well beyond my capabilities, condition, and luggage after a tough day yesterday. Coupled with the wind and rain, I couldn't say I enjoyed it as it should be enjoyed.

That part of the route did, however, give me a high point for the day. I stopped to take a picture along Loch Awe from one of the many peaks in the road. As I was getting the camera out, a red squirrel peeped from behind this tree, then continued to scurry up and down. I managed to capture it in a couple of pictures. It's not exactly Simon King, I know, but a treat on a challenging day.


Chris Hill said...

Nice photo. I had a red bob across the road in front of me while out walking, but I didn't get to my camera quickly enough.

gom1 said...

Thanks Chris. Pure luck that I was preparing to take the picture when it appeared. Or vanity on its part?