Sunday, 2 May 2010

April roundup

At the end of April, four months into the year, I had covered 1,232 miles out of an annual goal of 3,759 miles. Give or take a mile or two, that's a third of my goal in a third of the year. I've ridden further in the first four months of this year than I did in the first four months of last year, or the year before. I'm more or less back on track.

My Eddington number currently stands at 44 and is slowly creeping up. It would be nice to have seen more progress by now, but looking over the longer term I particularly need to concentrate on longer rides, and I'm pleased with the progress I'm making on rides of more than 60 miles.

I've only got one famous church left to visit on my list for this year. That's ahead of where I expected to be by his stage. The only concern in that area is whether I should have set myself a more ambitious goal. It looks as though I might be able to reach another 11 before the end of this year and take the tally all the way up to 50.

In summary it was a pretty flaky start to the year, but things have picked up over the last month. The risk is that I get knocked back by a hot summer or wet autumn. The trick, I suppose, is to build up a buffer by sustaining the pace that I set in April for a little bit longer.

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