Friday, 12 March 2010


It's friday afternoon, and the pull of he weekend has started early. So instead of finishing off the stuff I ought to be working on I've been prodding around the internet looking at old maps.

In the process I came across a wonderful collection that belongs to the National Library of Scotland.

Most of them are maps of - guess where - Scotland. However, they also have a collection of the lovely 1/2 inch Bartholomew maps covering the UK, and various other bits and pieces. There's a full list here.

The picture shows how Mull is represented on a nineteenth century travelling map of Scotland. Other highlights include aerial photography from the 1950's that can be viewed as an overlay to Open Street Map here.

Any minute now the phone will ring, and I'll have to get back to doing something useful. Meanwhile, it's not been the most productive couple of hours of my week, but still time well spent, I think.

The William Roy map, which came up in an earlier post, is here.

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