Monday, 1 March 2010

February roundup

Another month has gone by, and my mileage total for 2010 has only risen to 337. That's almost exactly the same as I had reached at this time last year. It's pretty disappointing. I was doing alright until the middle of the month, and keeping more or less on schedule despite some ropey weather. But in the last couple of weeks I've slipped behind again.

However, the weather picked up today. It's been a bit cold but sunny and dry. So I bunked off work a little bit early, and I went for a quick spin of about 10 miles before dinner. It was great. The highlight was three deer wandering across my path on the way along NCN4 near Littlewick Green, then scattering in all directions as I approached.

Whatever the weather turns out to be like I'm not going to fit in a long ride over the weekend, because we have other plans. But the forecast for tomorrow looks good, and it's not too bad for the following couple of days. So I could be breaking off early again before the week is over.


townmouse said...

ooh, just realised, I'm ahead of you! A fine dry Feb meant all those trips down to the papershop added up...

No doubt it won't last long, but I'll enjoy it while I'm out in front

gom1 said...

That still blows my "bad weather in Thames Valley" excuse out of the water though doesn't it? I pick up the gauntlet, and will try a bit harder.