Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The bottomless pit

Many of the roads around here have been looking like a particularly disappointing episode of Time Team. More and more holes appear in the hope that Tony Robinson and his colleagues will discover something interesting. But now that the weather is improving there's a lot of activity to fill the holes in again.

Last week big chunks of the road to Winter Hill were being replaced. The week before the boys with the black stuff  were busy near Shottesbrooke. Surrey holds a comfortable lead in the CTC league table of holes that need to be filled, and yesterday the main street in Ripley was full of equipment putting down a new surface. I imagine the situation is much the same elsewhere.

Whether I manage to swerve around them or just clunk blindly into them I'm afraid I haven't been reporting the holes that I come across. One excuse is that there are so many of them that I feel I would never manage to get anywhere. You might call that the "bottomless pit" excuse. The other excuse is that the local authority can hardly need my help to discover holes at the moment. If they ever get to the end of this we are going to have a lot of smooth new road surfaces to ride on.

CTC are not happy about Kia pinching this data

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townmouse said...

I reported one once, because it was positively dangerous and it was unavoidable, and it did get sort of filled.

I notice that Dumfries and Galloway don't appear at all. It's certainly not because we haven't any potholes, probably because people haven't reported any. I may have to remedy that...