Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Update on the numbers

We are five months into the year now,  and a roundup is overdue on how the mileage is doing.

My goal for 2009 is 3,249 miles, and so far I've covered 1,439. That means that I've completed 44% of the target in 42% of the year, and I'm about 65 miles ahead of where I wanted to be at this stage. Things went a bit adrift in February, but at the end of April my week's cycling holiday in Northumberland and the borders put me back on track. Through May I've maintained a slight lead over my plan. If I average 60 miles a week for the next 7 months then I will reach my target for the year.

Looking at the diary, I've not taken the bike out as often this year as I did last year, but my trips have got longer. Since the beginning of 2009 I've  ridden my imperial age (57 miles) seven times, and I've done more than 100km three times. I still haven't done a ride of 100 miles, but there's time yet, and I hope to by the end of the year. As a result of longer rides my Eddington number is now up to 37, and I only need five more long rides to get it up to 40. My Eddington number just for this year is 21.

I've reached ten of the Jenkins churches that are on my list for this year, leaving two to complete the set. Including the 13 that I reached last year, that makes 23 in total. As I reach each church the next one on the list is a bit further away. The current batch are all about 20 miles away as the crow flies, so the round trips normally come out at about 60 miles. Importantly, the routes are not just getting longer, they are getting increasingly interesting as well. 

Progress on the height front is a bit disappointing. I've lost a few pounds since the beginning of the year, but not as much as I'd hoped. So I'm still 7½ inches short of the ideal height for my weight. The trouble is that all this exercise gives me an appetite.


Nick said...

So, if the diet doesn't work there's only one thing for it; the rack. I can hear the creaking of joints already!

gom1 said...

On balance, I think I'll stick with the current approach for the time being.

townmouse said...

Couldn't resist adding up my own figures to compare. Um. Oh well, there's still the rest of the year to go...