Sunday, 14 June 2009

Sociable tricycle

Sociable tricycle. Digital ID: 1196270. New York Public Library
The Sociable bicycle, from a collection of 50 at the New York Public Library.

"In the early 1880's the tricycle was being developed in so many types that the trade was embarassed by its own ingenuity. Two seaters became the vogue and a novel pattern was the sociable in which the riders sat side-by-side, but they were slow, heavy and awkward and had only a short period of popularity. This picture shows the "Salvo" sociable of 1882. The riders are Mr and Mrs W. D. Welford, famous in the history of photography as well as cycling. W. D. Welford was the first paid secretary of the Cyclists' Touring Club. (1879-1881) and Mrs Welford, still hale and hearty in 1939 at the age of 85 - was the first woman member of the CTC."

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