Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Putting Stoke Poges on the map

I got another report out the door today, which is always worth a small celebration. So I decided to go for a decent ride after dinner.

This week Jack Thurston's Bike Show was covering the first part of his ride from London to Bristol. The programme is always worth a listen, and this one is particularly interesting to me because he was covering my local area, including Stoke Poges, Henley and the Chilterns.

But when I looked at the OSM map, most of Stoke Poges was missing. Fixing that seemed like another good excuse for a ride. So this evening I ended up covering 28 miles out to Stoke Poges, tracing most of the missing streets, then back home again.

It was a lovely evening for a ride. I've taken this week's total distance over 100 miles (and it's still only tuesday). I'm now 127 miles ahead of plan for the year, and to reach my annual goal I only need to average 57 miles a week for the next six months. Non-trivial, but I'm more on top of the plan than I've been all year.

So it's been a good day, although I forgot to take my little digital recorder with me to collect the street names, so it looks as though a return trip will be needed. Perhaps next time I'll finally get to see the famous bicycle window in St Giles' church.

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