Sunday, 21 December 2008


With rides of 11 miles on Monday, 13 on Friday, 22 yesterday, and 10 today, I have finally reached my extended goal of riding 3,000 miles on the bike this year. And there are still ten days to go.

Apart from ticking off the main objective, there has been nothing particularly memorable about any of the rides this week. Yesterday was the only time when I covered some fresh ground - tracing a few roads that were missing from Open Street Map. Otherwise, all have been variations on my regular circuits. I'll do a few more rides before the end of the year but the diary is pretty full, so they are likely to be in much the same vein: short, local and pleasant enough - but not very interesting.

I know there are plenty of people covering longer distances, but I've ridden quite bit further than I expected this year: and a lot further than I ever have before.

For ten days, I plan to bask in a self-satisfied glow. Then I'll start a new spreadsheet, with all the dials set back to zero, and start counting a fresh year.

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town mouse said...

Well done you. I've only been out 3 times this month (and one was sheer stubbornness and deeply unpleasant) due to unaccustomed busyness. Still, there's always next year.