Monday, 15 December 2008


After the underwhelming response to my invitation for cracker jokes, here's a crusty old one, adapted as a tribute to Open Street Map contributors. It's not so much a cracker joke, more by way of expressing appreciation to those who have contributed so far, and those who get a GPS for Christmas and join in next year.

Two big blue lines walk into a pub, and the barman asks them who they are. "We are a motorway", they reply. "We are the biggest, strongest lines on Open Street Map, and we are afraid of nothing".

Then a red line and an orange line come in, and the barman asks them who they are. "We are a primary road and a secondary road", they say. "We are so tough, we go into places on Open Street Map that even the motorways don't go, because we are afraid of nothing".

Then a couple of thin white lines come in, and introduce themselves. "We are an unclassified road and a residential road. There are more of us than anything else on Open Street Map, so we are afraid of nothing."

Finally a dotted blue line comes in. It weaves about a bit, but the barman notices that everyone else keeps well out of his way. "What's going on?" he asks, "I thought you were afraid of nothing".

"Oh nobody messes with him" they reply. "He's the local cyclepath".


town mouse said...

W00t - Santa delivered on this & I'll be open mapping as soon as I recover from the norovirus and get back on my bike...

gom1 said...

Good for Santa. Have a speedy recovery, and let us know how you get on.