Monday, 14 July 2008

Stoke by Nayland, St Mary

I managed to cover 13 miles or so this morning, before we got going on the day properly.

In the process, I visited a couple of the churches ranked among England's finest by Simon Jenkins. There is no shortage of those around here. One of the ones I visited was rebuilt by rich wool merchants in the 15th century (this one), and the other (St Mary, Polstead) predates that by a few hundred years. They are both beautiful, within sight of each other, but very different.

As I had already discovered, the back lanes around here are fairly hilly, and it was quite a strenuous 13 miles. But thoroughly enjoyable, nonetheless, and refreshingly different to my normal stomping ground.

I logged the journey on the GPS, with the intent of adding it to Openstreetmap. But most of my traces had already been covered. I am not confident about some of the rest, so in the end, today's ride turned out to be a bit selfish. Great fun for me, but not a lot to contribute to anyone else.


Fat Lad said...

Is that your photography mate?

Fat Lad

gom1 said...

It is. Most of the pictures on this are mine.