Wednesday, 2 July 2008

June round-up

Further progress in June with a new high for the monthly distance at 313 miles. My ride count was about average, at 17 (after 16 and 18 in each of the previous months), but the average ride is now over 18 miles. That includes two more rides above my imperial age, bringing the total to four. My Eddington number is up to 19, and what is more I have already banked 19 journeys of 25 miles, so all 19 will count for a while yet, and pushing it higher isn't going to be a huge challenge.

I completed my Jenkins quest in May, so the more adventurous trips this month have involved following the Round Berkshire route. I've now covered about two-thirds of it. In shorter evening trundles I've managed to fill a few gaps in the coverage of Maidenhead on Open Street Map.

I'm still making slow progress on improving my speed though. The highlight this month has been getting round my favourite ten mile route at an average of 14 mph. But that was two weeks ago, and I'm struggling to better it. At least that leaves plenty of scope for improvement in July.

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