Thursday, 3 July 2008

Round Berkshire

Here is the current state of the round Berkshire route on Open Street Map, now that the additions I made at the weekend have been rendered.

The section around Maidenhead is marked on the map, as it is on the ground, as Sustrans regional route 52, which appears as light blue on the OSM cycle map. The section between Maidenhead and Reading pretty much corresponds to National Cycle Route 4 which is in red as a national cycle route. I have marked the rest as a local route, which appears as dark blue.
I haven't checked every piece of the Maidenhead / Reading stretch yet, although I have marked a slight difference between how the two routes negotiate the centre of Wargrave, and I know there is some work to do where the Round Berkshire Route appears to dive off into Woodley.
The section from Wargrave to Windsor seems fairly complete. I'm pretty confident that I've captured the main outline of the section betwen Newbury and Windsor, though there may be some tweaking to do at a detailed level. The section from Reading to Hungerford and back to Newbury is still to be done. And there are quite large sections away from the Reading / Maidenhead / Windsor area where the route appears to pass through unmapped territory.

The official route map and guide is here.

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