Monday, 21 July 2008


Sometimes on a ride, I feel as though I am battling against everything. The wind blows in my face, the hills all go up, and no matter how hard I try, progress seems slow. Afterwards there is some kind of satisfaction in having overcome the forces of evil, but at the time it isn't exactly fun.

Other times everything seems to be on my side, and I just fly along.

This evening's ride was one of the second kind. From the moment I set out, it felt good. The weather was ideal, I felt on top form, and the bike just seemed to zing along. Even the climb up to Winter Hill seemed easier than usual. Instead of looping straight back through Cookham, I took the steep drop down into Marlow at a cracking pace (which got a bit too exciting on some of the corners). Then I explored Marlow for a while before coming home through Bourne End and along the river.

I stayed out for a bit longer than I planned, covered just over 20 miles altogether, and was getting pretty tired by the time I got home.

It was great.

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townmouse said...

god that takes me back... We used to live in Maidenhead back in the nineties and the Winter Hill run was a regular ride, at least until we succumbed and bought a car.

(here via Highway Cycle Group btw)