Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Embedding a map

Dara Ó Briain, no less, asked this on Twitter today "Does anyone know how to grab a portion of a map from google map, say, to include in a document?".

That was 11 hours ago, so he has probably had loads of answers by now. If not, here is how I would do it...

  • Go to Open Street Map
  • Zoom and slide the slippy map to the area you need. 
  • Hit the "Export" tab.
  • Choose the format you want (it's probably going to be Mapnik for a document, or embeddable HTML for a web page).
  • Choose the option you want (its probably going to be PNG or JPEG to embed in a a document. If you don't know which of these you want then it probably doesn't matter, so use the default. Use PDF if you want to email something that people can easily print).
  • Hit the Export button.
I claim my free puppy.


Anonymous said...

Has Dara Ó Briain #switch2osm?!

gom1 said...

No puppy has arrived, so I guess not