Monday, 2 January 2012

Ten bike rides that I won't be doing in 2012

What with one thing and another I didn't get out on the bike as much as I would have liked in 2011. I've resolved that this year will be different, but one has to draw the line somewhere.
  1. I believe the views at Alpe d'Huez are impressive, but it does look a bit crinkly. 
  2. I haven't got the right bike to participate in the Brompton World Championships
  3. It's one thing not to wear special clothes for cycling, but another to wear none at all. For the sake of spectators I've decided that I should give the London Naked Bike Ride a miss again this year.
  4. There are still a few days left to apply for the Fred Whitton Challenge, but I understand they are normally over-subscribed, so I ought to give somebody more deserving the chance to pick up the gauntlet. 
  5. Six months to cycle round the world? That's far more time than I can spare.
  6. The Tweed Run promises a metropolitan bicycle ride with a bit of style. I don't qualify. Not even a bit.
  7. There are good reasons why they invented the safety bicycle, and I wouldn't be joining the Knutsford Great Race, even if it was on this year.
  8. I'll pass on this one as well. I don't know where it is, but it lies well outside my comfort zone.
  9. I don't own any lycra. Just one reason for ruling out the Giro D'Italia 
  10. We now have enough space (and enough weather) for a virtual reality trainer, but I reckon that I've already spent far too much of my life sitting inside staring at a computer screen
And that's about it. There are a few rides left to chose from. Some of them might be a bit of a challenge, but mostly I suspect that I'm just going to be pootling around slowly, exploring the local area and enjoying myself for another year. And there's nothing wrong with that.


Martin said...

shame, I was looking forward to the pictures.

Laura Laker said...

Nice post, well summed up. For many of these I share your sentiments/equipment problems. One I will be doing this year, assuming illness doesn't strike again, is the Dunwich Dynamo.