Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Definition: jaunt - noun a short journey taken for pleasure; verb to go on a jaunt

I always like to have a destination for a ride, if only so that I can answer the question "where have you been today?". It's even better if I have a plausible answer to the question "why?".

Visitors come to Tlatet from all over the place, so this won't be of interest to everyone. Indeed it might not be of interest to anyone, but I've been collecting together some of the local destinations that I particularly like.

The criteria I'm using are a bit loose, but there are basically two. Firstly I'm trying to pick places that involve a pleasant ride, that can be reached while avoiding busy roads. Secondly I am trying to pick destinations that are a bit out of the ordinary, or that might be interesting to others.

The current state of the list is here. They are in no particular order. Normal rules apply: the decision of the judges on what to include or leave out is final. However  I'm open to challenges, and lots of people know this area better than I do - so I would welcome suggestions of places to add.

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