Friday, 16 April 2010

Windsor and back

A quick 20 mile spin this evening out to Windsor and back. It was all very pleasant with the sun shining, a slight wind, and without too much traffic on the roads.

One strange thing, though: a complete lack of planes landing and taking off at Heathrow.


Anonymous said...

Not that strange when you realise that the volcanic ash rises high into the atmosphere and has the ability to kill plane engines or damage them otherwise. Why take the risk of a major air disaster?

townmouse said...

It must be nice and quiet, now you've got over the strangeness of it all. Do you wake up in the early hours wondering what 'that noise' was, before realising it was the lack of planes stacking up over Heathrow? Almost makes me wish I still worked under the flight path. Enjoy it while it lasts

gom1 said...

Most of the time we don't notice. Normally we see quite a lot of planes going over, but they are usually fairly high here - hence not as noisy as they are a bit further east. This morning though it is particularly noticeable. Maybe because there isn't any traffic noise either at 8:30 on a Sunday morning.

I feel sorry for everyone whose travel plans are disrupted, but even an ash cloud has a silvery lining.