Monday, 5 April 2010

More OSM coverage

The release of Ordnance Survey data has triggered a mass of activity, and there is no doubt a lot more to come.

For my part I've started with another simple comparison between DfT statistics on the length of roads in Great Britain, and the length that has already been plotted on OSM - using the Ordnance Survey boundary data to break out the figures for each local authority.

I've been able to identify more than three quarters of the roads measured by DfT, and the map shows how these are distributed across different local authorities. Boundaries for Northern Ireland are not included in the OS data as far as I can see, so they do not appear here.

The best coverage is in the south-east of England (with Bracknell and Luton as thin spots). There is some strong coverage in other centres of activity. The biggest shortfalls (total road length to be added) are in Aberdeenshire, Cumbria, Lincolnshire, Norfolk, N. Yorkshire and Powys. The highest proportion of missing roads is in Baenau Gwent and N. E. Lincolnshire. The figures for Lincolnshire, N. E. Lincolnsihre and Northumberland all suffer from a particularly high proportion of roads with ambiguous tagging - which I have excluded from this version.

For anyone interested in how this breaks down in more detail, the data is here -

With ward boundaries now available from OSM, I'm hoping that I can now take some of the analysis to a more detailed level, but more importantly it will be good to see some of the gaps filling over the weeks to come.

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