Monday, 4 January 2010

OSM cycle map for Garmin

The most common search terms that bring people here are the various permutations of "open", "cycle", "map", and "garmin". So it's only right to pay tribute to all the people who have contributed to the thing that so interests these searchers.

I downloaded the latest version a few days ago, and tried it out yesterday on the way to Ivinghoe and back. There are a few minor glitches, but basically it works fine.

Richard Fairhurst produced the version of the img file I used, and it can be reached here - There are more details here - There are various alternatives here -

This is great work by all involved, and after seeing how grumpy the OSM mailing lists are getting, I hope they all realise that it is very much appreciated.

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Richard Fairhurst said...

Great stuff. Do let me know of the glitches so I can have a go at fixing them (though some of the intricacies of mkgmap are a bit beyond me!).