Sunday, 24 January 2010

Marsh Lock, near Henley

No long bike ride this weekend, just a short spin yesterday around one of my favourite local loops around Winter Hill and Cookham. Then today we had a pleasant walk along a very full, and fast flowing river Thames near Henley.

Maybe that's a good enough excuse to demonstrate that I'm making progress with understanding how to overlay OSM with stuff. This is another extract from a Flickr set, but the code underneath the hood shouldn't be wasting quite as many processing cycles as it used to, and it also includes a basic description in the sidebar of the full-sized window. It's not all that nippy, but then it is pulling quite a lot of bits and bobs together.

The beginnings of support for overlaying GPX files are in there too, though that's not apparent in this example. Thanks for all the suggestions and help that got me this far.

The full size version is 'ere

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