Monday, 7 September 2009


I've just noticed that the 2009 data from the NHT survey are now available. I'm not sure how long they have been there, but I just found them this morning. The NHT survey is a postal survey on transport facilities carried out by IPSOS MORI for a number of local authoritites. Seventy-seven took part in 2009, covering a fair chunk of England, but not including my own local council.

The survey asks a number of questions about how the public sees different aspects of road and transport services, including cycling facilities.

The chart shows the results for the cycling questions in three of the counties where I have done a fair amount of riding this year (click through for a larger version). Oxfordshire ranks highly in general, and particularly well for cycle facilities at work, and cycle parking. Buckinghamshire and Northumberland don't come out so well, though Northumberland isn't rated badly on cycle routes.

The authorities that come out best overall for cycling facilities are Milton Keynes, Poole, and South Gloucestershire. Nowhere round here ranks particularly highly.

The web site, more information on the survey, and the data can be found here

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Martin said...

This may give you an interesting view South Gloucestershire cycling.