Thursday, 10 September 2009

Harding route (2)

Last Saturday I tried to ride round the Harding cycle route near Amersham. I knew I went a bit adrift in a couple of places, but I marked up the sections that I was confident in on OSM. The bits that I plotted have now been rendered on the cycle map. Although it is incomplete I'm quite pleased with the result.

After careful scrutiny of the leaflet and other maps I've managed to figure out where I went wrong as I was following the signs. So I'm now in a better position than I was to fill in the gaps. Having started the process but left gaps, I realise that I'm gradually suckering myself into a series of return visits to complete the Harding route, and then the other two local cycle routes that start from Amersham.

I won't be able to add any more this coming weekend, because Sunday is my attempt on the Wessex 100 (the sponsorship form is here for anyone who wants to support the Anthony Nolan trust). So Amersham will have to wait a bit longer. But completing this and the neighbouring two routes should give me a good excuse for some fine (and fairly energetic) rides over the next month or two.

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