Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Longish day, shortish ride

It was an early start today, dropping my daughter off at Heathrow before dawn to catch her flight, then back home to finish off a particularly complicated report. I emailed that off this afternoon, then I cleared a few things off the pile of unfinished admin. Finally, just as I was preparing to bunk off for a bike ride, the phone rang and I had an interesting discussion about some tricky questions.

Finally I set off on the bike for a short loop round nearby villages, thinking I would try and fill in a couple roads that seemed to be missing from OSM.

But in a state of increasing vagueness I ended up drifting off my planned route andI forgot that I had set out later than I expected. By the time I managed to make my way home it was becoming dark, and the clock was about an hour ahead of where I thought it should be.

It seems a long time since I crawled out of bed. Since then my cycling log has increased by one ride and 16 miles. This lifts the week's tally to almost 60 miles, and the year's tally to more than 2,500 miles. I've plotted the relevant parts of my route on OSM, and soon the map will be a few very short lengths of road nearer to completion. There is one less oustanding report to complete, and the pile of unfinished admin is marginally lower than it was. For a while the household will be down by one daughter, but at least we know that she arrived safely.

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