Friday, 28 August 2009


Wired have used my photo of an OSM cycle map on my Garmin to illustrate a recent article. The link is here. It's not a bad article.

I quite like Wired, so I am hugely flattered that they chose my picture, and pleased that they have attributed it. But I'm a bit surprised that a publication like that didn't take more care over the license restrictions, which specify "non-commercial use".

I've emailed them to that effect, offering to send details of where to send payment, if only in recognition of the importance of the licensing system, and the rights of commercial photographers. I will report results.


townmouse said...

Good luck with that. London Lite used to regularly print extracts of my blog with no permission and no payment (and it wasn't even Creative Comments) despite increasingly irate emails from me about it. Apparently the trick is just to send them an invoice and generally payment will follow. But Wired may be a little more switched on about these things.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with WIRED. But how in the world would someone contact you except through your comments? There's no email address, no contact information, no nothing here or on your Flickr pages. That doesn't excuse WIRED at all. But it does rather make it difficult for an editor to ask permission to reprint a photo.

gom1 said...

It hasn't stopped others - they use Flickr mail.

Another Grumpy Old Man said...

Well, it's certainly stopped me in the past. If you want your copyright to be honoured, common sense would suggest that you make it as easy as possible for others to contact you (or your agent). Not everyone is interested in playing hide-and-seek online, after all.

It's your decision, of course. You aren't the first grumpy old man who wished to be both coy and commercial. Can't say I think much of it as a business model, though.

gom1 said...

Hang on a minute. This is not how I earn my living, and I have no wish to be a commercial photographer. Business models do not begin to come into it.

I do not post picture on Flickr in the hope that somebody will pay me for using them. I am perfectly happy for them to be used for non-commercial purposes. But I am not posting them up there for other people to make money out of them either. That's why they are marked with this licence. I provide an email address so that I can be contacted by anyone who does want to use one for commercial purposes.

I still think it is a bit cheeky of Wired to bypass all this. When tiny specialised publishers and parish magazines manage to contact me without any problem, a publication like Wired should really do better.

gom1 said...

Problem solved