Saturday, 22 August 2009

A day at Ascot

I estimate that about 80km of roads in my local authority (Windsor & Maidenhead) have not yet been added to Open Street Map. In comparison to other places in England that's not too bad - 89% of roads are already there. But compared to some other parts of South-east England it looks a bit thin.

The issue of course, is to find the missing roads, trace them, and get them added. Some of them are isolated gaps, and those are going to take the most effort to reach and trace. But there are also some areas with a bit of a cluster of missing roads. In this part of the world, the residential areas around Ascot and Sunninghill look like the best opportunity to do some useful mapping without chasing around all over the place.

It took a couple of hours riding to get out there, but in the process I managed to plot a few of the isolated gaps. I did the same on the way back, but the bulk of the afternoon was looping around an interesting mix of different residential areas. I reckon I've managed to trace a reasonable proportion of what was missing from the bottom right-hand corner of the Windsor & Maidenhead authority, and I'm all geared up to add them to OSM. Unfortunately it's down for maintenance this weekend, so I will just have to wait.

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