Saturday, 25 July 2009

Seer Green revisited

It's been a demanding week, so I just wanted a straightforward ride this afternoon. Nothing too ambitious.

I settled on riding to Seer Green, to plug the gaps remaining in OSM.

Last time I went there was about a month ago. At the time I mapped quite a lot of the village, but I missed a few bits. Today I think I have plugged most of the gaps - at least as far as capturing the road system, which is my main interest.

More importantly I had a really good ride out and back. The weather was quite warm, but not unbearable. I know the roads reasonably well, and I managed to stay on fairly quiet lanes, except for mucking up badly near Beaconsfield, and ending up negotiating a major roundabout on a junction of the M40.

This time, like last, I covered just over 30 miles. As a result, once again, the next gap on the map is now just a litlle bit further away.

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