Sunday, 29 March 2009

Find addresses of top UK bankers

Things have been pretty stressful over the last few weeks, and I've not been getting out on the bike as often as I would like. As a result there is less to post here, and the mileage and my visitor stats are looking a bit sad. So I thought I'd experiment, and see whether a silly title would at least give me a quick boost in visitor numbers. 

If you came here for the obvious reason, then apart from this, I'm afraid the only suggestion I can offer is what I just did this evening.

After a tough day I got on the bike, and worked things out of my system for a hour or so with an  energetic ride of about 20 miles.  It didn't make the world a better place, but at least it felt as though it had. There was not a banker in sight, just families enjoying a lovely spring evening. I got my head sorted out a bit, and I feel a lot better for it. 

Now the clocks have gone forward there should be more evenings when it is feasible to do the same. Which is just as well, because it looks as though I might be needing therapy  fairly regularly  over the next few months. For now though, equilibrium has been restored.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe your bike surveying could take you as far as 10 Oswald Road, Edinburgh, home address of a certain Sir Fred Goodwin...