Friday, 13 March 2009

An apology, of sorts

The average UK household spends 20p a week on bicycles, and 10p a week on bicycle accessories. That works out at a bit more than £15 a year. 

Which means that I've been spending the cycling budget of dozens of families across the UK, and depriving them of all this fun.

What can I say?


Anonymous said...

That's still more than most Americans pay. Most Americans buy a single-use Huffy or Magna or some other $89 piece of shit from WalMart or Dollar Tree, ride it once, discover their fat ass is wider than the standard 2m cycle lane and that it actually requires more effort than changing channels. The bicycle now with five miles on it, is then left to rot in the garage or on the back porch until the spot welds at steel frame joints rust apart and the whole thing collapses. Only to think "Hey, I haven't been cycling in a long time," in which they go out and buy another uncomfortable, unreliable, Chinese-made POS, put five miles on it, and let it fall apart on it's own.

Occasionally, you see a Fisher or a Trek out on the street, but usually it's at night and you won't be able to identify what they're riding through their headlight glare until after you've passed them unless you're also on a bike.

The Paper Boy said...

It seems I'm also outspending the rest of the UK. In fact by myself I've spent nearly 20 years of someone else's as well as my own in getting back in the saddle in January.

I feel very much sedentary compared to yourself though - it's taken me 11 weeks to cover 250 miles... oh well it's still over 15000 calories burned that would have otherwise turned to lard about my frame.

Also just kicked off on OSM today - so there's another reason to get out (and another 20 years of someone elses GPS spending allowance)