Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Lost and found

This time last year I added up the miles I had covered in the first month with the new bike,and realised it would be enough to reach Paris. This year it has taken me almost two months to cover the same distance. 

Unimpressive, but after a feeble start I'm gradually catching up with the goals I set myself at the start of the year, and a fairly long ride this evening has helped to close the gap.

I hadn't intended to go so far, but I started to follow a road that I didn't know, so that I could add it to Open Street Map. Then another, and another. After a while I realised that I wasn't heading in the direction I expected, and had only a vague idea where I was.

I had the GPS with me of course, but I had left my glasses at home, and without them I can't make much sense of the GPS map. So I had to rely on instinct to get back on track.

In the end it worked out. 24 miles in total, and not even late for dinner.

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