Monday, 16 February 2009

Lance Armstrong's stolen bike

Apparently Lance Armstrong has had his bike stolen, and used Twitter to ask for help finding it. There is an article about it on the Guardian news blog.

The bike is unique, and not exactly inconspicuous - so let's hope he gets it back.


Anonymous said...

Gov. Schwarzenegger is on the bicycle thief's trail and will help get Lance's bike back

townmouse said...

What - did he lock it to a too-short pole outside the supermarket like Cameron?

Can't see where he'd put the shopping on that thing though

gom1 said...

It has now been recovered - see article here.

"SACRAMENTO (AP) — Lance Armstrong's time-trial bike was found Wednesday, four days after it disappeared from the Team Astana truck after he used it before Stage 1 of the Tour of California.
Officers said a local resident brought the custom bike, worth about $10,000, to police headquarters"