Monday, 26 January 2009

New tyres

I've been given a couple of new tyres as a present, and I fitted them at the weekend.

Since then, I've been out on a couple of rides, totalling a couple of dozen miles.

I thought long and hard about which tyres to chose, and in the end I decided to change to something different to the ones that were originally fitted to the bike.

But when it comes to the ride, I have to admit that there's not a lot to choose between these and the previous ones. If anything they feel a bit smoother, but it's hard to be sure.

I had quite a few punctures on the others, and I'm hoping that these are a bit more resistant, but I've not gone the whole hog and aimed for something that tries to be puncture-proof at all costs.

So the main difference at the moment is that they look very fresh and unused. It will take time to build up the patina of wear and tear that enhances the appearance of bike. And, I would like to think, the rider.


Gregory Williams said...

That looks pretty similar to the Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres that I use. They've now got several thousand miles of use and not a single puncture yet.

gom1 said...

They are Schwalbe Marathon. I decided against the "plus". So they are not as resilient as yours, but hopefully resilient enough. Well spotted.

Tamia Nelson said...

I've been running Schwalbe Marathons (not the plus) for about 1500 miles on my Surly LHT and nary a pinprick yet. They're great tires.

Gregory Williams said...

My only gripe is that it's a bit fiddly to fit the tyres given that they're not very flexible. However it's not a major issue owing to no need to remove them to fix a puncture!