Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Ice breaker

Today is the 6th January, and it's the first day that I have managed to get out on the bike in 2009.

It was very cold last night, but today was bright and clear. I chose my familiar ride over Winter Hill, and back along the river. The view over the valley from the top of the hill was impressive, but that's not a great surprise. It usually is on a clear day. More of a novelty was finding the Thames at Maidenhead frozen over in the channel near Boulter's lock, where there is little current.

The ice was thick enough in most places to support a duck, and they were landing on it, and slithering around a bit. But the swans were struggling, because most of the ice was too weak for them to climb on top, but too firm for them to push their way through.

This boat was having to proceed very carefully to avoid distressing swans that had trouble keeping out of its way.

I only covered 10 miles, and I reckon that failing to get started until day 6 is a pretty unimpressive start to the year's cycling. But it was a very pleasant and memorable first outing.


Nick said...

It's a better start than I've made so far this year. Minus 12 in the morning and 10 centimetres of snow have kept me off the bike to date - coward that I am.

disgruntled said...

Three rides and 43 miles so far! Mapping is a great excuse ...

I expect that this will be the only time this year when I'm ahead of you on mileage

gom1 said...

Throwing down the gauntlet, eh!

Good to hear that the mapping has started. Be careful - it becomes compulsive. I like the question on the forum about hides, btw. Not something I'm plotting, but did you come to a conclusion?

disgruntled said...

I'm still mulling it over, but I think I'll take up the suggestion made and document it on the wiki when I do decide. These collaborative projects always seem to tread a fine line between energy and anarchy.

Your warning comes too late, btw - I'm already obsessed and I've got my uncle doing it too so expect Scotland to start filling up rapidly!