Friday, 29 April 2011

Wedding present

The spectacle has been impressive, but the coverage is becoming too much to bear.

Nevertheless, who could do anything other than wish the couple well? So I spent a bit of this morning creating a wedding present for them.

This maps the loyalty of the nation, according to the proportion of street names with royal connections. On the chart, yellow presents a high proportion of royal street names, and red represents a low proportion.

The most popular examples of street names with royal connections include Victoria Road, King Street, Queen Street, and various other combinations of Victoria (...Street, ...Park, ...Avenue). Princess Road and Princess Street come next, ranking seventh and eighth by total length. Together these eight names account for about half of street names with royal connections. King Edward Road ranks ninth, Queen Elizabeth Way ranks tenth, and Prince of Wales Road ranks eleventh by total length.

Altogether royal street names account for about 0.05% of the total.
The highest proportions are in the City of London and Denbighshire. The lowest proportions are in Harrow and Peterborough.

The street name data came from the OSM database, and the boundaries from Ordnance Survey. Postgresql, Postgis, Open Office and Quantum GIS did the heavy lifting.

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Marshall Kirkpatrick said...

That's a pretty nerdy wedding gift, I sure hope they appreciate it! I love seeing examples of OSM data used as a platform and this is a particularly fun one :)