Tuesday, 6 July 2010

A sobering picture

This is a page from the cycling log-book of Lionel de Barri Crawshay, who lived at Sevenoaks in Kent. He was a keen amateur botanist, whose papers are held by the Wellcome Library.

From them we find that Lionel learned to ride a bike in 1900, and carefully recorded his progress: his first ride alone, his first accident ("collision with Miss Allingham"), his second accident ("lost control down a hill, run into hedge, cuts and scratches").

This part of the log contains totals from his "register" and starts a century ago in 1910, when he covered 5,674 miles. In 1911 he covered 7,123 miles. In July 1911 he covered 600 miles. Apparently the log also describes various trips through Kent and work on his bike, such as new tyres and brakes.

It all sounds familiar stuff.

Lionel made columns for the years up to 1919, but sadly the log ends in 1915, after which Lionel joined the army. In May 1917 he was killed when his troopship was torpedoed in the Mediterranean.

The Wellcome Library article is here. Thanks to Holly Tucker for the link.


townmouse said...

So will you be donating your spreadsheet for posterity to the Wellcome Library? A bit tricky to preserve, I would imagine

gom1 said...

All our tweets are in Librsry of Congress- http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/richard-adams-blog/2010/apr/14/twitter-library-of-congress but I'm not sure my spreadsheet will make it.