Saturday, 10 July 2010

Chilterns Cycle Route

I'm pleased to discover that the Chilterns Cycle Route is starting to appear on OSM. This 170 mile ride through the Chilterns crosses and links a number of my favourite circuits. It should have been be hard to miss on the ground, so I'm a bit miffed with myself for not discovering it earlier.

The route shows up quite clearly on Mapnik (as shown above) because it is not confused by the many other cycle routes in the area. The cycle map is better to get an idea of the contours in the landscape, though some parts don't seem to have been rendered on the cycle map yet. No doubt they will appear soon. Meanwhile the links above plot the relation as an overlay on the different base maps. It's quite a detailed piece of mapping, so a bit of patience is required while it draws.

Thanks to those who put the effort into adding this to the map, and introducing me to a few more roads that I can explore (once the weather cools off a bit).

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