Sunday, 26 April 2009

Tyne bridges

I've arrived back in Newcastle today, to start the Coast and Castles route tomorrow. I spent a very pleasant evening near Hexham last night, and rode down the Tyne and explored Newcastle this afternoon.

Bridges have been a recurring theme through the day. To some extent that is inevitable, when part of the journey is along Newcastle Quayside, and it's collection of magnificent bridges. But even before that, there were some interesting examples.

On the way I met lots of people out on their bikes. That's normal on a sunny sunday, but today I got into conversation with more than usual.

Perhaps I'm in holiday mood, and perhaps it's a more friendly northern culture.

One fellow rider told me that he was old enough for his free bus pass, but never used it. He described it as his "ticket to be grumpy". As he sees it, until you get your free bus pass, you are not allowed to grumble, but once you get one the government has said that it's OK.

If I had anything to complain about I would just have to wait a few years.

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