Friday, 10 October 2008

Cycle show

I took today off, and went to visit the Cycle Show at Earls court. The variety of stuff was pretty baffling, but the highlight for me was getting up close to Alex Moulton's New Series Double Pylon. This picture of the front suspension does no justice to a stunningly beautiful bike. The word seems to be that the ride is as great as its looks, but unfortunately it sounds way beyond my means.

Apparently the way to think of it is this....

Every few years we spend several thousand pounds replacing the car. If we miss out just one of those purchases, then I can afford one of these. And it will last a lot longer than a car.

It all made perfect sense at the time, but thankfully I didn't sign anything.


gom1 said...

Welcome to visitors from the Moulton Bike Club, which has posted a link to this post. They comment that "If one can eliminate one car from the household, it's not hard to make the case for purchasing a(nother) Moulton", but I'm afraid it would be around here.

gom1 said...

The Bike show has more about Moulton: here

Anonymous said...

I am a "Moulton" ie: it's my family name and I love to cycle, but have never seen the Moulton Bike while cycling around. Any idea what they cost in US $'s and if they are difficult to acquire in the States. It would seem almost anti-family not to be riding one!

gom1 said...

There is a list of US dealers on the web site -

The Pashley Moulton's are here - but they don't list US dealers. There is a contact number though.

Presumably at current exchange rates they are all very attractively priced in $$$ - so please buy a lot, and support our economy.