Sunday, 7 September 2008

It's PC gone mad

Phone hoaxer claims he's Inspector Morse's sidekick

A man claiming to be Inspector Morse's sidekick Lewis has made a slew of hoax phone calls to local addresses.

Over the weekend police received nine reports relating to suspicious telephone calls in the Dedworth and Old Windsor area.

A police spokesman said: "In all cases the call was made by a man, who claims to be DCI Lewis, of Morse fame, from Thames Valley Police. He claims there is trouble with youths in the area and he would be grateful if the call recipient could assist him by looking out of an upstairs window, to see if there is any youth activity in that area."

I suppose it's not funny really, but I couldn't resist the headline. And for what it's worth, this article from the Maidenhead Advertiser is captured from the new Google "Chrome" browser - which I installed this evening: it looks pretty good.

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bruce89 said...

Unless of course you don't like menus being in the wrong place. I don't understand the fascination with monkeying with UIs like that.