Thursday, 25 September 2008

Back on the bike

The local bike shop fixed the derailleur yesterday, and this evening I took the bike for a 23 mile loop round Marlow Bottom, Handy Cross, and Bourne End.

The bike shop have done a good job, and the bike seemed to be running very sweetly. I don't suppose that's because there is anything magic about the new part: more likely because it has now all been set up properly.

I wish I could say the same for myself. It's only been a week away from the bike, but I definitely felt off my best form, and I couldn't possibly describe my legs as running sweetly. 

Still, it was a lovely evening for a ride. On the way out the weather was threatening to defy the Met Office, and turn to rain when it wasn't supposed to. In the end it stayed dry, and later turned into a beautiful evening.

The ride out involved quite a steep climb, but the lanes back from Handy Cross to Little Marlow, were a real treat. It's a stretch of a couple of miles, downhill all the way, through lovely woodland, and I went past a surprisingly large number of pheasants. 

This is a road that I've passed many times, without ever bothering to follow it. It's a wonder that there are so many undiscovered treats within a few miles of home, but since I started cycling I just keep discovering more.

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