Saturday, 24 September 2011

One less excuse

It was a short, but pleasant ride over to the local bike shop this morning. I returned with a new chain on the touring bike, and a basic frame pump. They fitted the chain, and adjusted the indexing while I waited. The pump will replace the one that was liberated from the hybrid before we moved.

I asked about the best local rides, and the advice they gave is starting to sound familiar. The suggestion is to start by heading northwards along the coast (which is as flat as it gets). As I get better at dealing with the hills, I should work towards the more dramatic landscape further west.

It was a nice ride this morning. The local bike shop was very friendly, and helpful. But it was hardly a challenging ride. With a new chain, a promise of good weather, and a bit of a hold-up on the work front, I really must stop procrastinating, and get myself off for a bit more of a stretch.


Doug said...

Never mind "one less excuse" and here's a reason right now - the weather is fantastic! Might depend on where you are, of course, I think much of Enhland is enjoying the same weather. I have often noticed how the weather is often squally around this time of year, the autumn equinnox, but now it seems lovely and all the more reason to enjoy the changing seasons, whiff of late summer / early autumn! Enjoy!

gom1 said...

You are right Doug, we are having glorious early autumn weather around here. Long may it last.