Friday, 24 June 2011


I got this from a flea market in Paris about ten years ago. I told myself that it was to help me find my way walking along the Paris meridian. Really I just liked the look of it.

When I moved back to the UK it went missing, and I assumed it was lost for good. But we have been taking a load of boxes out of the loft for sorting, and it has turned up again, along with a lot of other bits and bobs.

On the back it says "Stanley London, 1935". There is a folding prism on the side, which is obviously for taking bearings, but until this afternoon I hadn't managed to figure out how to use it.

A lost compass was never much help, and I don't suppose a found one is going to get a lot of use either. But it's nice to have it back.


WillCycle said...

I had one of those and they're simply superb!

The prism flips up and over, so you can look through it and read the degrees printed on the edge of the needle disk while observing your target destination.

The carry-ring means you can hook your thumb through and operate it with one hand.

That was a blast of nostalgia seeing a Stanley compass!

gom1 said...

Thanks William - that's it. I didn't realise that I could use the thumb ring. Also I hadn't figured out that I have to raise the prism to get it to focus properly. I found some detailed instructions here