Wednesday, 16 March 2011


I'm still struggling with labeling roads and rivers, still losing some of the cycle paths, and there are numerous other things that need tidying and fixing.

This stuff certainly exercises the little grey cells.

On the other hand....

And while it was all churning away I managed to get out and cover about 20 miles on the bike to check out the real (316,800* inches to the mile) world.

*Oops, don't know where that came from - it should, of course be 12 inches times 3 feet times 1,760 yards = 63,360 inches to the mile. Thanks to Ed for pointing it out. No wonder I'm having so much trouble getting this stuff to work properly

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Ed said...

It's only 63,360 inches to the mile on this side of the Pond, Peter. I knew your pints were bigger than ours, of course, but I didn't know that your miles were, too. Live and learn.

Your map is a real work of art, by the way. A thing of beauty, indeed.