Monday, 18 October 2010

Sens unique

I understand that for the last few months some French cities have allowed cyclists to ride the "wrong" way along one-way streets providing they are within a zone where motorists are limited to 30kph. Does anyone here know whether I have got this right? If so how widely it has been implemented? Has it been welcomed by cyclists, and how successful has it been?


Jean-Marc Liotier said...

It works and I'm loving it. Surprisingly, I have not encountered much hostility from the automobile drivers - they even seem to get it. It seems that the public sentiment toward cycles is indeed improving in France.

Cyclists in the City said...

You're completely right. It's the result of an amendment to the law.We covered it in a bit of detail here

(hope you don't mind me plugging the link!)

It works really well. I found drivers really respectful of it last month in Paris.

gom1 said...

Not just happy, but pleased to see you plugging a link to an excellent site. I've never ridden on one of these streets - which side of the road do cyclists use?