Friday, 17 September 2010

The Church of Sit-Up Cycling

Everyone should know of the The Church of Sit-Up Cycling, which was established as a response to a Vancouver law which makes it illegal to ride without a helmet "unless the wearing would interfere with an essential religious practice". Thanks to CTC for the link.

The Church "requires its adherents to cycle for work and play wearing whatever they want (and) the freedom to choose headwear - which may or may not include plastic - is an essential religious practice."

According to their web site, they also hold that "children should do what they're told until they get a job and start chipping in with the rent". Personally, I think that children should do what they're told, full-stop. I never did, and I expect the next generation to re-align the universe. But as the family are getting together this weekend, that's a view that I should probably keep to myself. There's quite enough controversy around cycling helmets, without getting into inter-generational arguments.

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Reverend said...

Thanks for the mention!

I included the comment on kids in an attempt to nip a common complaint here in the bud: that anti-helmet-law-ers want kids to die horribly, and that the helmet-free set a bad example (unlike, say, drivers who kids should certainly be aspiring to mimic).

(Concerns for juvenile imitation don't seem to stop those complainers drinking, voting, or having sex though.)