Sunday, 15 November 2009

John Hampden

This is John Hampden, who was a 17th century politician. He played a leading role in early parliaments, and he was killed during the civil war. I can't help feeling that I should know more about him, but I don't. These people do though.

The reason he is here is that today I set off to map the Hampden cycle route in Buckinghamshire for the OSM cycle map. It is one of three loops that make up the Chiltern Heritage Cycling Trail. The Hampden route runs for 25 miles or so, to the northwest of Amersham. It is named after John - he didn't mark it out, because he didn't have a bicycle. But he lived in the area and represented a nearby constituency.

Hampden routeThis was the local council's Millennium project, so there has been plenty time for moss to grow on the signs. Helpfully that shows which way we are heading because moss always grows on the north side. Or is it the south?

Either way it is a nice route, through some pretty villages, with some good views. I covered most of it today, and I look forward to going back soon to do the rest.

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