Thursday, 29 October 2009

Milton route, the clod's cut

Cycle map has now rendered my efforts last weekend to trace the Milton Cycle Route in Buckinghamshire. As a result I can now see where I made a couple of errors (paradise lost). I've fixed them in the database today, but it will be another week before it is rendered again, and I won't see whether the fixes worked (paradise regained) until next thursday. Meanwhile the glitches are almost cunningly hidden by a page curl in the image above. They will be visible to all on the tile server for the next week.

My little contributions are a tiny pimple on the mass of information that has been produced collectively for OSM. It's a slight disappointment when I don't get it quite right, but it still pleases me to see my efforts appear. Nowadays, Mapnik renders database changes almost immediately, but that doesn't help a lot when adding cycle routes to existing ways. The cycle map only seems to render on Thursdays. The wait is a bit frustrating, and it's a little embarrassing to know that my mistakes will be around for a few more days, but there are also some advantages to this delay in the process. The sense of anticipation lasts for longer. More importantly, by the time I see the results from one weekend, another weekend is looming. The results of one edit are a bit of an encouragement to get out on the bike and fix the next gap on my to-do list. Let's hope for decent weather this coming weekend.

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