Sunday, 27 January 2008

New bike

About eighteen months ago, I bought myself a bike, from the nice people at Saddle Safari in Marlow. It was a Trek Navigator. Like me, built for comfort, not for speed.

My aim was to get more exercise, and nearly forty years after I had ridden a bike regularly, I'd forgotten how much fun it was. So for a while I had a great time exploring local byways. I did get more exercise, I lost some weight, and I felt much better.

Then a series of things got in the way of riding, and I got out of the habit. Finally, just before Christmas, we were burgled, and now somebody else has my old bike.

So I had to organise a replacement.

After giving it some thought, I went back to Saddle Safari, and ordered a Ridgeback hybrid, which is lighter, faster, and a bit more expensive (well, quite lot more expensive to be honest). It arrived last Wednesday, so this is my first week of trying it out.

This time I can anticipate that once the novelty wears off, there is a risk that other things get in the way. I don't want that to happen, so I'm setting myself a series of challenges and tasks, in the hope that they will encourage me to stick with it.

This blog is one of them.

There will be more about all of this to look forward to in future posts.

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