Thursday, 22 August 2019

Whittingham to Netherton

I covered sixteen miles this afternoon, crawling westwards up the Aln Valley from Whittingham to Netherton, then flying back via Alnham (where the River Aln begins).

It was a gentle climb out, with a steady headwind pushing against me. As I set off a local warned "There's rain coming down the valley". There was indeed, but until I reached Netherton it just threatened. Drizzle started as I turned back.

On the way back I was confident about my route. Over-confident, because I didn't check the map at a key junction. That muddled things a bit. Nevertheless the gentle descent, aided by a tail wind, meant that things went a lot more quickly.

Unco-operative weather: but that didn't detract from the scenery at the head of the Aln Valley. The County Council has been out surfacing minor roads. Some of these were still pock-marked and covered in loose gravel, but others are now lovely and smooth. All were wonderfully quiet: I passed a post van, a couple of tractors, a lorry and about half-a-dozen cars.

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